Ziyu Zhao (Ivan)

Ivan is a junior dual majored in Public Relations and Psychology at Boston University.

While learning communication and other general courses, Ivan noticed his great interest in psychology in his freshman year and determined to claim another major in psychology. Gradually, he found his passion and skills are significantly accumulated in psychology and leaned towards being a clinical psychologist in the future. He believed the knowledge and practical application of communication could help him become a successful psychologist someday. Ivan attended an internship in Anhui Mental Heath Center in his home country, China. He assisted the director of the Neurosis Department for outpatient services and therapies in the inpatient wards.

Outside of academic studying, Ivan brings his sincere devotion to strength training. He has been training consistently for around four years and acquired certificates in personal training and nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His motivation and dedication in physical training not only build him up but also exercise his disciplinary mindset. While coaching and consulting clients, Ivan noticed unnatural, or even disordered eating patterns, as well as poor body image of some clients. These factors motivate Ivan to investigate psychological factors that impact people’s health, especially eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Also, Ivan wants to find out the effect of exercise in treating psychopathologies.


Email: iverzhao@bu.edu